web development

Our primary focus is always creating websites which are innovative and which have the ease of access that our clients look for in a website. Easy operations with a hint of creativity are the main components while creating a fully functional website. From the starting phase and strategy to design and deployment, Horizon Media creates and hosts innovative websites for various business ventures. We, at Horizon Media, make it easier for our customers to make their ideas fly to new altitudes. You are investing not only your money but also your time and efforts. We work with you to create a user experience to give value to your key demographic. Our team of developers transforms ideas into rich, interactive websites that are easy for customers to use and easy for clients to manage after completion. With a team that is extremely ingenious, we help you build a website which will help your business reach new levels of success. 

We, at Horizon Media, use WooCommerce to develop your Online Selling Systems to help you manage, sell & track in a way that helps you craft your future business strategies. From Product/Inventory Management to Payments, our focus remains on glitch-less functioning of the website. Our team comprises of expert e-commerce specialists who have rich knowledge and experience with the various platforms and technologies. We are committed to delivering every project on time and within the budget of the client, making us the best destination for end-to-end e-commerce solutions.

basic e-commerce
$ 5000fjd +
Ideal for selling individual items, virtual products, etc.
PAYPAL Standard
Fully Responsive
SEO Standard
booking e-commerce
$ 8000fjd +
ideal for service based businesses.
+ Booking Engine
PAYPAL Standard
Product Catalogue
Fully Responsive
SEO Standrard
web app
price varies
Custom web solutions with controlled access
Fully Responsive
Cross Platform