outdoor advertising

Strategic placements for better results.

At Horizon Media, we have the ability to place your message in front of thousands of shoppers at different locations across the country. From local, to regional, to national advertisers, we provide access to target a captive audience. We create deep engagement between people and brands through unmissable location-based media solutions.

Horizon Media delivers the most innovative, efficient and effective coverage with out-of-home solutions for advertisers, utilizing both traditional and non-traditional approaches. Our objective is to grow, expand and evolve how we deliver our clients’ messages so our clients can grow, expand and evolve their businesses.

We are uniquely positioned to help you meet this challenge. We live and work in these core markets, so we provide you with an unmatched depth of knowledge, experience and understanding. With Interstate, you can strategically position messages for the precise coverage you need … without wasteful duplication.

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