drone photography

Every project or occasion deserves a top shot.

Aerial photos and movies taken by our high definition DJI Mavic Pro drone have so many uses that we haven’t even thought of them all yet. They can help sell your property or easily define its boundaries. You can record your wedding from a whole different perspective. Sports events or family gatherings look amazing from above. How about a clip of that new boat on its maiden voyage. The possibilities are endless.

Horizon Media can help with your videography service needs.  We have state-of-the-art cameras that give our clients the sharpest HD video footage available. We specialize in videography services for websites, social media and other online purposes. Videos can also be edited to correspond with your business’s branding through the incorporation of logos and company colors.

package 1
$ 450
30 minutes RAW footage
package 2
$ 800
1 hour RAW footage