We are not like this because we work here, we are here because we are like this.

We are a dedicated team that specializes in strategic planning, inspired website design and strong applications. Client confidence and satisfaction are the foundation of our business. We work hard to earn trust with our clients and strive to maintain that integrity in every relationship.

  • Our Vision

To be the most sought after digital agency in Fiji, facilitating sustainable growth and prosperity for our local and international clients. We are continuously evolving to become an industry leader in the vibrant field of web technologies.

  • Our Mission

To transform our clients’ businesses, allowing them to utilise powerful technologies and improve their processes. We want to be consistently bringing out world class products and services, that benefit businesses of all sizes, making them more efficient and effective.

At Horizon Media, we live by our POSITIVE Code that guides us through work and life:

  1.  We are PASSIONATE about what we do –  we learn and grow because of it. 
  2.  We make more from less by maximizing every OPPORTUNITY.
  3.  We measure SUCCESS by how much we ‘”WOW” our clients.
  4.  We accept responsibility, work with INTEGRITY and give back to others.
  5.  We are productive, TENACIOUS and get things done.
  6.  We lead with solutions and INSPIRE change.
  7.  We VALUE positivity as the foundation of our Horizon Media family. 
  8.  We drive EXCELLENCE through continual improvement.

New Star Building, Westfield Subdivision.